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What We Do

Dora Jean Creation is a commercially minded Photographic Design Studio, our primary focus has grown from Award Winning Photography to Photographic Development & Design Agency where creative companies are supported visually.


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Our Aim is to capture the essence of our projects , creating impactful visuals that resonate effectively with diverse audiences. We focus on highly reimagined creative photographic Design 


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We begin by actually listening to you, we formulate relevant questions & diligently taking responses on board to help us grasp the problems you are having. (Often the problem is you have very uninteresting photographs that are not doing your product justice it deserves) 

Step 2 - DEFINE

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A brand is benefitted from having strong Stand Out images.We focus on visual messaging, we craft impactful and exciting Photographic Design.

Step 3 - CREATE

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With the information gathered from our meetings we create brief research to enhance your image. We then get to work.


We structure expertise in your field from your experience with free flowing ideas of creativity.  We align these areas with your strategic vision.  Our Creative Director Dora Jean Gillespie oversees every project personally to maintain a high standard of photographic design and creativity at DJC

Step 4 - REFINE

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After concept stage we intensify, refine and develop your design with a view to finalisation 

Step 5 - DELIVER

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We deliver digitally


We deliver in box, with framed print inside, on lid and throughout, video screen with design development and personal message from designer.

Step 6 - Subscription available

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We know who you are now, You are a shining star and we know your best qualities. Each season customers have have new reimagined designs delivered to their digital door. 

Step 3 - CREATE

Get in Touch

what's app - 086 6034321

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