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Spotlight: a photographer’s journey

Updated: May 11, 2021

Experience is absolutely everything!

Who you have worked with, what you did and what successes did it achieve for your client.

Having a portfolio in 2021 is a must for breaking into any industry. We’ll help you select and curate your masterpieces with these helpful tips. As we also have a video side this blog will talk about whether applying to film, film school or applying for a job in the film industry, a compelling online portfolio website is essential to get discovered and earning industry experience. In addition, it's a convenient way to showcase your range and technique of work.

This article offers tips for new and experienced videographers when it comes to creating a compelling and memorable portfolio, including where to effectively host your work and choosing which content to include.

1. Choosing Your Best Work for Your Film Portfolio

When applying for a directing role or submitting a highlight reel as part of your application to a film program at an educational institution, it’s important to be selective of which pieces you include. Production managers and recruiters have to consider a large number of applicants for a given spot. As a result, people may only spend a few minutes maybe even seconds in considering the titles in your application.

To further strengthen your website, ensure that the names of any reputable clients you have worked with and film festivals you have placed in, especially ones held in Cannes Film Festival, are displayed front and centre on your site. This will help establish your credibility in the field, especially when you are first starting out.

As a general practice, video portfolios that feature demo reels should aim to be sixty to ninety seconds long. I work with OVC Media and am due to hit Cannes Film Festival this July. Who knows if it’s going online, such an odd year.

2. Using Platforms like YouTube and IMDb Pro for your Film Portfolio

To get a strong presence is essential to build a strong digital presence online, there are different platforms you can use to help you get there. No matter what experience level you are, the two leading platforms in the space are IMBd Pro and YouTube.


While everyone is familiar with YouTube for video consumption, many underestimate its usefulness as a platform for posting film and other media. Its widespread use is the platform’s best attribute. Once a video is posted, it is immediately visible to anyone who has access to YouTube.

This benefit of this platform to filmmakers is multiplied by the fact that it:

  • Supports 4k and HD resolutions

  • Allows up to 128GB file size

  • Allows Up to 12 hours of film length

  • Supports multiple formats including .mov, .mpeg, .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .mpegps, .flv, webM, and 3GPP

In addition, YouTube’s hashtag feature helps add keywords that propel your film's discoverability and help connect your content with those viewing similar videos using the website’s search feature.

Lastly, including any of the media featured in your portfolio on YouTube conveys the ability to complete a project from start to finish, which communicates a strong work ethic.

Mine is under dorajeancreation check it out

IMDb Pro

IMDB Pro is a useful tool for those who are looking for a platform or resource to connect them with the film industry. The website grants people access to descriptions of filmmakers, cast, release details, technical specs, industry news, which can all be useful when creating your own media or compiling your own film portfolio.

Members of this site are granted exclusive access to a complete set of resources on the film industry, with information updated daily. Access to a comprehensive listing of those working in the industry opens up networking opportunities for those with less experience.

While less known than YouTube, knowing your way around IMDbPro can give you a leg up early in your career. A producer may ask you to pull information about different productions and actors, and you could be asked to do some research using the platform.

IMDB Pro and YouTube are just two complementary media tools to use for populating your film portfolio. To help your portfolio go further, you can feature parts of your work and behind the scenes videos on TikTok or other social media accounts.

3. What Kind of a Website Builder Should you Use for Your Film Portfolio?

A dedicated website builder streamlines the process of building a website that will increase your exposure online. A good one will also make it quick and easy to build your site, in addition to being:

  • Intuitive to use

  • Offer look and feel customization options

  • Support large media sizes

  • Have the capacity to host different media formats

Website builders like, Format, make it easy to create a professional film online portfolio website in minutes. In addition to hosting videos on their platform, you want to find a website builder that has different features and customization tools. By being able to customize the colours and styling of your website, you can create a portfolio that can truly reflect your brand and work. Keep it simple and focus on your work.

4. Share Scripts and Background on your Creations as Part of your Film Portfolio- this is so underrated

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to let the project speak for itself. Including additional information about the process can help schools and companies get a glimpse into your decision-making process. Moreover, additional information can provide a more holistic perspective on the project and your contribution to it. Consider including:

  • Original scripts. Including scripts helps potential employers see the story and direction you had to work with, and the number of creative liberties you took in bringing it to life.

  • Background information. Including background information such as production team size, filming duration, and equipment available to you helps people understand how you utilized the resources available and what technical experience you gained

As always, be careful that the information you are sharing doesn’t breach any possible privacy agreements you may have signed when originally working on the project.

5. Include Other Creative Work and Projects in your Film Portfolio

Your website is a creative representation of your creative vision and your technical capabilities. When you’re just starting out, it can be hard to make your experience accurately represent the type of work you want to do. As a result, you can include passion projects like directed music videos and collaborations with other artists to communicate your creative vision.

Some benefits of including artistic work on your portfolio website are:

  • Shows your creative range outside of your specialization

  • Demonstrates your style without external constraints

  • Adds dimension to your identity as a creative individual

Every film professional knows that client demands and collaboration with other departments means you can’t always make the film you want. This is why including your passion projects and other creative outlets on your portfolio website can be a great way to show off your creative potential.

6. When In Doubt, Don’t Stop Filming for your Film Portfolio

When creating content, try not to get hung up on what work is best suited for the portfolio you are trying to create. Just create and let your creativity flow. A quality finished product will take time to produce, but practice is the best teacher.

Before the Director’s Chair Comes a Lot of blood, Sweat, and Tears

Whether you are a film student or a videographer with prior experience in film work, a comprehensive portfolio is a great way to assemble your content. A comprehensive portfolio includes works that have been carefully selected so as to properly represent your skills and talents. And it's the first but important step to making it on to the Cannes Film Festival winners list.

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