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Red Bus Studios, London

Updated: May 8, 2021

This all started for me after I had visited Red Bus Studios in London.

They have an incredible history of iconic recordings since 1978. It is so steeped in history that occasionally I must admit I feel I might be dreaming.

Their Studios continue to be the home for Sound recording for many of the programmes you might watch on TV today—everything from Downton Abbey to the Addams Family movie.

When the RECORDING light is switched on, that level of excitement and energy rises throughout the studio. This is something that I’m sure will never change.

Red Bus Studios is a much-loved recording studio for all genres. Hip hop, rock, ballad, electric.

They will take you by the hand and either take your track and make it sound world-class, or they have full recording suites and experienced staff should you like to crank it up a notch and record with professional support.

They continue to break expectations and release weekly; they are a powerhouse of networks, knowledge and most of all, love of music and the industry. If you would like to know more give them a shout

I might even see you there?

Jeanie x

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