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Album Cover Challenge

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Dora Jean Creation
June 4, 2021 · changed the group description.

Hello You!

Welcome to the Dora Jean Creation Community based site. Here you can connect with other members, get updates and share your photographs and videos. The aim of this site page is to share your work, skills and knowledge.

Having made a career from Photographic Artwork. Building Artwork from Listening and mapping out everything from feelings, memories or interpretation of a track or lyrics of a song. Sometimes this includes having them translated, which I can only say adds to the challenge and I love it.

I am often given a brief from which I discover the Artists interpretation of the performed song. I must be careful as occasionally the true meaning is not to be shown through the artwork as an air of mystery is quite alluring. They will soon tell you if you get it wrong so a which skin is required.

How about you listen to the track that I have attached the link to and see what interterpretation you come up with in photography or photographic Artwork.

I will then present all of the Artwork to the London Based Iconic Music Studio and on the albums next release one of the covers may be used as a release on all Digital Platforms. Bringing you one step closer to recognition. In my presentation I will give you run down of where I get inspiration how to innovate these ideas and how to bring this design together.

Log onto the Website if you haven't already and log into the Groups page Album Release Challenge - Link

Listen or download the track attached, listen to is and see if you can be inspired to create your Own Artwork.

I will check back in with you in two weeks to see what you have come up with and the winner will be announced the following week.

The winner will be given an announcement of their success and move to the next stage of submission and link to the once the Album Cover is released.


Hello You! Welcome to the Dora Jean Creation Community, whe...
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