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Album Cover Challenge

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working on my idea... I would like some suggestions please and thank you

Dora Jean Creation
Dora Jean Creation
Jul 17, 2021

Lets develop on the talent you were showing me. I like to start by giving yourself time to relax , time for you to listen to music, enjoy a soundscape or simply listen to the environment you are in. I chose music instead of the environment I’m in. As otherwise I hear kids fighting, showers n toilets flushing, I might even get a smoke alarm warning or door bell. It’s simply lovely to escape. It only takes 3 minutes a day. The more you do this the more natural it will become. How are you finding developing a cover? It really is all about reading the story of music. You can translate this into anything. I would love to know what you have come up with. Keep giving yourself time to take in a track, emerse yourself fully into it. This gives you great space for yourself too. I hope you enjoy this the more you do it.



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