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Worship like a Dog 




Lyrics to Artwork PROMPTS


Welcome to our Worship like a Dog Inspired phrase and lyric page, a celebration of Vision from lyrics in Music & Midjourney. Here, you’ll find a collection of thought-provoking prompts designed to inspire captivating lyrics to visions of artwork from music lovers in from all walks of life. Simply copy and paste these prompts into Midjourney and witness where a star is born. Embrace your creativity and explore the endless possibilities of AI-generated art  as a source of inspiration.

Creating stunning inspire prompts with Midjourney is incredibly accessible and easy, even for beginners. Choose one of our specially curated prompts, copy it, and paste it into your AI tool of choice. In just moments, you’ll see the AI generate an exquisite piece of art that brings your chosen prompt to life. A few clicks are all it takes to unlock your creative potential , these prompts are created as inspiration to help you an your creative journey. 


Have you seem an Album Artwork Style that inspires you. Step one in creating your own art is often recreating an inspiring art. This is where DJC are here to help you create supporting images to your original masterpiece, with Midjourney Prompts easy to copy and paste into midjourney for you to tweak and create your own image collections. 


take me to church Hozier .jpg



 /imagine a man holding a dog and an image of god, in the style of macabre illustrations, celestialpunk, whistlerian, alchemical symbolism, dark aquamarine and beige, victorian-inspired illustrations, primitivist --ar 123:124 --stylize 750



 /imagine 3d image of a cute dog praying at church --ar 4:5



 /imagine funny visual for a theater play, title is "Coeur de chien", a dog is disguised as a mister, unencumbered, [Minimalist retro art collage surrealism] --ar 3:4 --stylize 350



 /imagine Envision a Greyhound elegantly clad in a silk blazer, accessorized with sophisticated glasses, enjoying a glass of wine with refined poise. Drawing inspiration from the trending aesthetics of (inspiration ) and reminiscent of the artistic elegance of (inspiration style) , this scene captures the Greyhound's graceful demeanor amidst an aura of timeless sophistication. With its seamless blend of contemporary fashion and classical influence, the composition invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world where elegance and refinement converge --ar 16:9 --stylize 750



 /imagine wolf in a suit holding a sheep skin mask infront of his face, illustrated, old school, creepy super detailed



 /imagine In front view, portrait of a black Italian greyhound channeling the quintessential 1960s mid-century space-age fashion, inspired by the works of  ( Inspired style) . The backdrop is a deep, neutral blue, setting a stark contrast that accentuates the subject. He's adorned in a futuristic, high-collared garment that mirrors the innovative and bold spirit of the era. His makeup is emblematic of the '60s beauty trends, with sharp, winged eyeliner and voluminous lashes framing her eyes, while his lips are painted in an intense, fluorescent orange shade, making a vibrant statement. His head is graced with a sleek, geometric hat that complements her outfit, exuding the space-age appeal. On his eyes, she sports a pair of statement sunglasses with a unique, modernist shape, in line with the era's trendsetting designs. Every aspect of his attire, from the hat to the sunglasses, is carefully selected to resonate with the space-age vibe, creating a harmonious and striking portrait that pays homage to the innovative fashion of the 1960s --chaos 25 --ar 3:4 --style raw --stylize 261

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