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Dora Jean from photo shoot - Creative portrait_edited.jpg

Hello! I’m Dora Jean Gillespie, born in the lush, rebellious south of Ireland, the lone wolf of a Northern family. Imagine a kid whose biggest thrill was a red light in a dark room up in the attic — yes, that was my grand introduction to the world of photography, not a spy mission!

Growing up scattered across Ireland's map from Limerick to Malahide, and even a stint in the UK at the tender age of 17, my life’s script was anything but dull. I dabbled in criminology, not to become the next Sherlock, but because it sounded cool, and honestly, who doesn’t like a good mystery? Yet, the dark rooms and flashing lights beckoned stronger than the call of crime solving.

Despite a promising gig that could’ve sent me to Canada, love played its card, and I stayed. I turned a somewhat sedate role as a legal executive in Dublin into an escapade of dreaming about a more creative role.


It wasn’t until 2015 that I decided to truly harness the power of my camera, and by 2016, I was not just participating in photography contests—I was winning them. And not just at home, but globally.


That first taste of the spotlight turned into a full-course meal when a gig photographing a band spiraled into an unexpected journey to London in 2020. There, amidst the glitz of Netflix documentaries and stage lights, I found my true calling—transforming musicians' tracks  into visual packages to help them get more listens.

Today, at Dora Jean Creation, we don’t just create images; we utilise Ai and create immersive Packages. Each album cover is a portal, a narrative spun from the beat of music itself, designed not just to capture eyes but to get listens. So, if you’re ready for a journey where visuals dance with tunes and every artwork expresses a track, grab your ticket to this show. The lights are shining, and the show is about to begin.

Welcome to the start up of Dora Jean Creation!

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