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Dora Jean Gillespie 


I am the Founder of Dora Jean Creation. 

Growing up I was always surrounded by Photography, My Grandad Gillespie had a dark room in the attic and my Dad always had a camera in his had when we were on our Sunday Drive.  A remember putting a new roll of film in the camera while on the school bus and thinking man this is cool.  I never thought I could or would be a photographer of any kind but in my late 30s I took the leap of faith to follow an interest that I had always been not just surrounded by but that I had absorbed throughly. My parents love or original Artwork, diverse style and photography made a blend that I couldn't help but absorb 


I started off as a club photographer I was quick to become an International Award-winning Creative Photographer and Photographic Judge, who now uses Photography as a medium to make art.  It took me a while to settle on this path as I up until my mid to late 30s I had kept it on the side while working in law, studying criminology and raising my two girls. I like to call this nurturing self discovery.


Based in Ireland,  I love to expand my horizons and with creative businesses expand this visual expression globally. As I work closely with a London Based Iconic Recording Studio, it has really fuelled my creative desires, my love for music is only nurtured though the Art that I make.  I hope to share that energy through inspiration and innovation processes so that Creatives and businesses worldwide excel. 

My greatest desire is to capture and bring out the Power of your individuality, I want you to feel you are showing the world the best of you in your visuals.

As a Mum to two girls, Hannah and Lily, they are not just my models but by power and given so many projects life from the love they give their Mum. 

My passion for photography and imagery started as a child, going into music and book stores, intrigued by design while mesmerised, as looking through the shelves, I remember my heart beat getting faster while viewing covers.


My love of expressionistic fashion, not labels or single designers but the wearer's story or personality, allows me to capture them in her unique arresting style. To capture your unique identity, the identity of your brand and make you stand out! 

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